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Loné has a MA degree in Prehistoric Archaeology combined with ethnology and historical knowledge from the University of Copenhagen. Her majors were in the periods of the Neolithic megalithic builders, the artistic expressions of the Bronze Age through rock-carvings and the exploits of the Vikings as well as researching landscape archaeology.

Loné also has knowledge of mythology and folklore. She knows astrology with an interest in the whole connection between cosmology, astronomy and mythology, which has also been expressed through monumental buildings in prehistory.

She has lived in Glastonbury for twenty years and though currently living in her native Denmark, she has embraced Avalon in her heart. She is hoping to combine living and touring in both countries and to share her knowledge with visitors from far and near.

During her time in Glastonbury she has explored and researched the Sacred Landscape Temples from her background in Native American Shamanism and her native Norse Seidr, learning about the ancient mythology of the British Isles and the Arthurian Legends and also connections with the Goddess Bridie and the historical St. Bridget.  In Denmark she can share her knowledge of the Norse mythology connecting to the sites visited

Lone is combining the scientific facts with her experience of the ancient sites and landscapes in a way that will give you a feeling of, what the ancient people saw and experienced between the stones and the dwellings.

Archaeology, ancient history, folklore, mythology, pilgrimage.

We can look at the evidence carved in Stone and explore from an academic and scientific point, and we can go on a pilgrimage between ancient sites and experience the sacred path through the landscape and the mind.

Loné will also give talks and workshops on archaeology, prehistory as well as the idea of landscape temples and astrology and how to use this understanding in our personal lives.

Loné Bang has had articles published and is working on more.

Drawing by Richard Frazer


Loné walks the Land.

Explores the monuments. Visits the sites.

Walking the Land is a Pilgrimage.