About Zodiac Tours

Zodiac Tours was founded in the Glastonbury Zodiac in the heart of the Somerset Levels and the landscapes of Avalon on the principles of  “as above – so below”, the whole concept of cosmos reflected in the landscape below, the shapes of hills and valleys forming in this case the figures of the Zodiac constellations, outlined by rivers and ancient track-ways.

The World over many people are now working with ancient sites from the idea, that they reflect certain star constellations as well as being aligned with rising and setting of Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies at important dates in their cycles, as Solstice etc. And so the research spread out to cover many other sacred sites, natural or man-made, as Loné has always had a deep affinity with nature and places of strong energy.

At the same time Zodiac Tours offer professional knowledge of prehistoric sites and monuments combined with a deep understanding of the lives of the prehistoric people, who populated these lands. Archaeology and ethnology combine in the knowledge bank, which will be shared during the tour.

Avalon legends of the Arthurian Round Table are alive and well in the Westcountry, and many of the sites on a tour will have local legends and mythology attached to them, which we can explore, if wanted.

Loné offers individual guided tours of prehistoric monuments and sacred landscape in the Southwest of England from a starting point in Glastonbury. It will also be possible to book Loné for a coach trip further afield or for more days. Additionally, Loné can now offer guidance to sites and prehistory in her native Denmark.

Numerous sites are available to us, powerful hilltops, sacred groves, healing wells and springs, stone circles, dolmens, long barrows, iron-age hillforts, major ley-lines, early Celtic churches and shrines and much more. In Denmark there can also be ship settings, Viking fortresses and rock carvings.

We will drive and walk, make stops and have time to reflect and meditate, if so wished, and attempt to make ourselves aware of the forces and energies present in the landscape.

Humans have always walked – walking the Land is a pilgrimage

As Loné is currently residing and studying in Denmark, tours in Britain will only be available at certain times of year or by enquiring well ahead of time.

Sadly the corona virus is getting in the way of travelling to Britain for the time being.


Chalice Wells

Wearyall Hill