We are currently revising our pricing system and will post some examples, when we have decided.

The pricing needs to take into account the distance of the tour and the hours spent as well as the number of guests. We offer both small private tours and the option of booking us for guiding a coach on tour for a professional company.

A full day’s tour will include time for a lunch and a coffee break. You may bring your own picnic or we can stop at one of the many cosy places on our route.

Any entries, food and drink etc. will not be included in the price. But we can give an estimate.

Loné will not be available both in England and in Denmark at the same time, so we will work out some scheduling for the coming year. Presently it is not advisable to travel between the countries, nor can we expect many guests interested in taking tours. Thus we will be looking into future possiblities, when we can all go back to more free and normal lives.

Meanwhile you are welcome to write and ask for information, suggestions and a quotation for a price. For bigger bookings Loné may be able to travel to meet your needs, for smaller private bookings it will need to fit in with times already planned for being in the area.

Please look backagain at a later date, when we will have more details available for you.